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Customer Testimonials for Godwin Motors

Elizabeth Shultz - 2004 Lexus ES330

Contact Information:
FullName: Elizabeth Schultz
City/State/Zip: Clifton, VA 20124
Email Address: MomsHomeEmail@gmail.com

I rarely write testimonials because it isn't often you come across those in the service industry who excel at actually providing service with a smile. James' smile came through from the first phone call. His pleasant and helpful manner in that initial call set Godwin apart amidst a lot of phone calls and much opportunity for comparison. James was enough to motivate me to see a car at Godwin before dealers much closer and more convenient. It was actually a bit sad that the car I came to see didn't work out, which had nothing to do with his in-person courteous help. While I didn't buy a car this time, I will keep Godwin in mind because, when there is often less customer-focus than is needed, the genuine service James provided is a real value-add experience!

Tracey Felton - NA honda Accord

I was really impressed with Godwin Motors. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. James the owner is very helpful should you have any issues. Helpful?

Nica Mathes - Various Various Various

I have been a customer of Godwin Motors for over 11 years. I have always had a great experience with James (owner). He is extremely knowledgeable about cars and always guides me in the proper direction. He also has a wealth of connections in the car industry from detailing services to mechanics to auto body repair shops. I have used them all. I am so confident in his abilities that my husband and I have referred our family and friends to him. Over the last 11 years along with our friends, we have purchased over 15 cars from James. I am currently driving a Lexus that I purchased from him in 2012. I am also starting the planning process with James to purchase a Toyota Tundra pickup for my husband. I love the ease of "placing my order" and James always delivers! He can get you whatever you want and at a good price. When I am ready to sell my cars, I am never upside down. I always have enough money to put the down payment for my next ride! I LOVE Godwin Motors!!!!

Samuel Dang - 2005 Honda Accord

To be honest, i enjoy the services offered by Godwin Motors. This is especially in the aspect of customer service. That is, they are a loving people and see into it that customers obtain full satisfaction. Sincerely i bought a Honder Accord 2005 with this people and till date the car is in a perfect shape like a brand new. Their vehicles are sold in an affordable price s and will recommend whoever is looking for a car to just run to Godwin Motors at 9071 Lanham Severn Rd MD 20706 .